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Bay Area Pelican Rugby Football Club, St. Petersburg, FL

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Pelican RFC Home

Bay Area Pelican Rugby Football Club website home page.

Sawgrass re-opens Aug. 5, until then, practice is 6:30pm Thursdays at :

Undertow Beach Bar
3850 Gulf Blvd.
St Pete Beach, FL 33706 ***********

Sawgrass re-opens Aug. 5.  Check Facebook for the latest but normal practice can resume:

Tues 7:00pm & Thurs 7:30pm at:
Sawgrass Soccer Fields
1815 77th Ave North,                 St. Petersburg, FL 3370

(Check our Facebook page for the absolute latest plans.)

*** *** ***During daylight savings Pelidactyls (aka Olde Boyz) Thursdays, 6:30pm touch rugby

Undertow Beach Bar
3850 Gulf Blvd.
St Pete Beach, FL 33706


Before you can take the field, or even participate in practice, for Bay Area Pelican RFC, you MUST register (aka "CIPP") with USA Rugby at

2014 -15 CIPPs will be available starting August 1.

Click on the link, type in "Bay Area Pelican Rugby", then click on register & follow the directions.

Do NOT omit "Bay Area"!

If you still have trouble,change to a different browser & try again or send us an e-mail so that we can help.

Visit us on Facebook:

Pelican Rugby

Pelican Old Boys

July 16, 2104

Upcoming club events:

July 23 BoD closing 2013-14, opening 2014-15

August 9, Family Day, Ft. DeSoto

August 13 Club social at Yard of Ale, Feather Sound

August 23 golf tournament @Silver Dollar 8am

August 24 Coaching200 +Referee clinic Sarasota

August 26 or 27 BoD final updates

September (tbd) --Pelican Nation town hall meeting

October 18 --first official 15s match

Dates soon to be added include: start of 15s practice, friendlies /warm-up matches, ...

July 13, 2014

GulfCoast 7s Tournament:

PelicanRFC Champs!

Thank you to the 14 teams competing in today's tournament.  We hope you enjoyed the day, the facilities and, most of all, the rugby.

See you next year!!


July 12, 2012:

GulfCoast 7s is July 12 at:
2001 County Club Way S., St. Petersburg, FL  33712  

---You must be CIPP'ed before you can take the field.

Captain's meeting 10:00am

First matches kick-off: 10:30am

IRR Women's 1st kick 11:10am

IRR Men's 1st Kick 11:30am

Ft. Miami 1st kick 12:20am

July 3, 2004:

Pelicans, Pelican volunteers & prospective volunteers (July 12):

Here are the hottest items on our wish list for the day:
1) pop-up tents <--this is big!!
2) coolers,
3) chairs suitable for outdoors

Plan to arrive at 2001 Country Club Parkway S, between 8:00 or 8:30am/latest on July 12, Saturday morning wearing Pelican gear.

Word to the wise... bring a change of clothes (or even 2) so that you can get out of sweaty or rain-soaked gear as needed.

*** *** *** ***

June 26, 2014: List of Volunteer Chores for GulfCoast 7s, July 12

Here are the areas we will need help, in order of importance

1. Field set up. We have two fields that will need accurate paint. This should be done night prior, or thursday night prior. I need someone to take charge of this and coordinate labor and materials to do. If we do it thursday night, we should have adquete manpower.

The day of tourney (07/12) we will set up/dig holes posts (2 sets) Sarasota bringing both day of. Flags, and barrier ropes will need to be installed on two pitches.

2. Tents. Will need Craig's large, and at least 2-3 more. Refs will need their own area.  There will need to be set up morning of.

3. Food/concessions/grill. Will need someone(s) to handle ice/food/water/gatoraid etc, purchases  set up and sales. Will need surplus of coolers, cooking implements, propane, petty cash, garbage bags etc..

4. Need someone to handle day of registration of teams, brackets (pool play) arrangements, and score posting through out day.This will also include securing rosters/cipp forms

5. Clean up/garbage removal. Need someone to be able to get all equipment back to storage. Andre has perfect truck for this with roof rack.

Captain meeting should be around 10:00 with opening games beginning around 10:15-30. Depending on the teams that show, I am hoping we can be done by 6-630 latest. Awards will be done at Postcard.

We will have a third field available to us to be used for player practice area. We will also have a medical team on site which will handle player taping, massage etc..

GulfCoast 7s Tournament

Date: July 12,2014, hosted by Pelican RFC

Location: Lakewood Sports Complex;  2001 Country Club Way S. St. Petersburg, FL, 33712

Play 7s then hit the beach & St. Pete strip!

Visit our info /registration page at: gulfcoast-7s-registration-page

Registration now open!   

There will be both a men's & women's division

---Registration Deadline: July 10, 2014 Fees: $200 1st side; $150 2nd side