Pelican online store is now live!

Whether you are a player, a fan, not-a -fan, a parent, a girlfriend, a wife, a child or someone else, now you can order some fresh Pelican apparel. The store offers a range of products starting with some cheeky polo shirts, performance fit shirts and tank tops for sunny days (bet you will use them in the sunshine city). For the colder days you can get team hoodies, track jackets and track pants. You might wonder ‘Where will I fit all this kit when I get it?”, well we got you covered for that too - you can order a Pelican sports bag or a backpack (or maybe both)! Order club apparel by following the link below and show everyone your Pelican Swag!

Last Match:

March 16th, 2019 • 3:00 PM, Squirrel Ridge Park

Gainesville Hogs vs Pelican RFC

Upcoming Event:

March 30th, 2019 • 2:00 PM, Puryear Park

Pelican RFC vs Tampa Bay Krewe

Support Pelicans!

We encourage all fans to support Pelican RFC. With your support we will be able to upgrade our training equipment, gear and online presence which will greatly help in our mission to the state championship title. If you wish to support us you can follow the PayPal button or visit our social memberships page to find out more ways to contribute. We appreciate your help!