Daytona Beach Coconuts vs Pelican RFC

February 9th, 2019 • 2:00 PM, Embry Riddle Fields

Daytona Beach Coconuts vs Pelican RFC

Attendance - 170

The Pelicans traveled to Daytona and came back home with a 34-7 win over the Daytona Beach Coconuts. On a sloppy and wet Saturday the Pelicans got of to a slow start with a couple of elementary mistakes. But late in the first half Pelican’ lock, Gretzky would pick up the first try of the game, soon after Pelicans center, Pat would score his first try with the club.  The Coconuts would only break the Pelicans defense once, with a single try right before the end of the first half.  Pelicans 8 man, Jordan after the halftime excelled, grabbing two tries and Man of the Match honours, The Pelicans cemented their victory when scrum-half, Tintin scored the last try of the game with time expiring.



Jordan Czaplicki

Man of the Match