Pelican Rugby is now accepting 2018 -19 club dues!

We make it easy to pay your dues. Below is a Subscribe button where you can go through and select the two different Payment Option for dues. Both Payment Options will automatically take out of your account or card for 8 months. We want to make player dues as easy as possible and not break your bank.

You can either register yourself on the USA Rugby website (Click Here to CIPP with USA Rugby) and then pay $33 per month for 8 months to cover your player dues or you can pay $42 per month for 8 months and the Club will cover your USA Rugby registration.

Payment Options

To Pay in Full, Click Below Paypal Button

Custom Jersey Order (Cut-Off Date 12/17/18)



All members planning to practice with the Pelicans and take the field for a game must register with USA Rugby @  USA Rugby registration is required to participate in any and all rugby events.  None of the money USA Rugby charges goes toward Pelican Rugby's expenses or budget.

2018 -19 club dues are $250.  We charge a couple dollars more to cover PayPal & associated banking fees.

If you still owe the club money, feel free to contact Kyle Huber to arrange repaying your brothers.

Once you have chipped in your club dues and registered with USA Rugby, you will receive a Pelican Rugby player kit which includes:

  • Two (2) blue Pelican pre-game warm up shirt (one for warm-ups, one for the social)

  • Rugby shorts with Pelican logo

  • Game socks           

Pelican RFC have a membership spanning nearly 500 individuals across 40 years of rugby in Tampa Bay.  The club has a robust network of fans, supporters and active social members in addition to the athletes who suit up to play each weekend and the administrative framework supporting them.

The majority of the club members are college-educated males between 20 and 40 years of age and this group includes a diverse mix of professionals, government employees, and business owners.  The Olde Boys are likewise diverse professionals and number in the 100s.

The club boasts a diverse mix of nationalities with the majority from the USA but has included members from from Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Serbia, Germany, Czech Republic, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Paraguay, Argentina, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia and New Zealand.