Why Pelican RFC?

Once we get out of school, it's hard to find a very competitive sport.  Softball and bowling leagues don't cut it.  We can always hit the gym and get a run in but it's not the same as training for competition.  If you wrestled or played football it's very difficult to find a sport that provides the level of physicality that you want. But there is a solution - rugby! 

Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in America.  The game of rugby was a medal sport in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.  The Rugby World Cup is one of the most popular sporting events in the world last took place in 2015.  The final was accompanied by a huge viewing party hosted by Pelican Rugby in downtown St. Pete.

The Pelican Rugby Football Club (Pelican RFC) was formed in 1977.  Over the decades, we have won State Championships and many rugby tournaments.  We travel throughout the State of Florida to play our regular season games.  We've also traveled out of State and even internationally in the past to take on new competition and to enjoy the experience of touring. 

The Club is well managed and well coached.  Experienced players will fit right in.  If you are a brand new player, our coaching staff will quickly get you up to speed and in the game.  A lot of rugby players pick up the game when they are in their 20s so we have taught many new players how to play the game and we can teach you too!

Just as in football and wrestling, there is a rugby position for every type of athlete.  We have backs, who tend to play in the open field, and we have forwards, these are the bigger players.   Most teams have players who range from 5' 6" and 150 pounds to well over 6' and over 250 pounds.  Some positions require great strength while others require great agility or speed.  Strength and conditioning are important for all rugby positions.  If you are athletic, there is a rugby position that is perfect for you!

Here's some more information about the sport and the Club:


 -We all play offense and defense.  All players get to play.

-Rugby players have much more freedom than football players to make decisions and do what they think is best during the game.

-Everyone on the field can (and will) carry the ball and have the chance to score.  All rugby positions are "skill positions."

-Rugby is a tackle sport but, because we don't wear football helmets, we tackle more safely.

-Serious injuries occur less frequently than in football because of our technique for tackling and because there is no blocking in rugby.

No injury Edited.png


-Rugby is a social sport.  The Pelican RFC organizes social events for family and friends to attend.

-Rugby is well organized in America.  USA Rugby is the governing body of rugby and the Florida Rugby Union is the local authority.

-There are opportunities for the best players to be selected to play for State, regional and National all-star teams.